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Alan Bronstein has written and
participated in...

Pink Diamonds and the Investment Question
(PDF), October 7, 2015

42 Days Of The Purple Diamond Reign
(PDF), October 7, 2015

The Tale Of The Blue Moon Diamond
(PDF) Campden, November 2014

Temporary Displays
(PDF), September 25, 2014

A Special Diamond Exhibit at NHM
(PDF), August 30, 2014

Diamonds in Flight
(PDF) Eclat International, Spring 2014

Incredible Blue Diamond Rough Uncovered at Cullinan Mine
(PDF) The Loupe, January 2014

Kara Ross Blog — Fancy Diamonds are Gril's True Best Friend
(PDF), January 2014

The Best In Colored Diamonds
(PDF), January 2014

Aurora Butterfly of Peace: conversation with the curator
(PDF) L.A. Natural History Miniblog, December 2013

Golden Jubilee - A Diamond Fit For A King
(PDF), November 2013

Orange Diamond Sells for $36 Million at Christie’s
(PDF) Bloomberg, November 2013

The Aurora Butterfly of Peace: bringing it to the NHMLAC
(PDF) L.A. Natural History Miniblog, November 2013

Biggest Orange Diamond May Fetch $20 Million at Auction
(PDF) Bloomberg, October 2013

The Bonhams Blue
(PDF) NCDIA, September 2013

Stone Cold Beautiful - Colored diamonds are among the priciest-and most desirable-collectables in the world
(PDF) Gulfstream Magazine, Summer 2013

Aurora Butterfly Of Peace Extended At Museum Of Fine Arts, Boston
(PDF), June 2013

Colored Diamonds: A Rock Solid Alternative Investment
(PDF) FOA White Paper, Spring 2013

Spring Auctions Reveal Market Confidence
(PDF), April 2013

Diamonds Breathing: Catching Their Breath In 2012
(PDF), March 2013

Natural Coloured Diamonds - Investing Your Fun Money
(PDF), November 2012

Is the Era of Pink Diamonds Really Ending?
(PDF), October 2012

Building Your Legacy- Inspiring Others
(PDF) JCK, October 2012

The Psychology of Investing in Colored Diamonds
(PDF)IPI Advisor Roundtable, September 2012

Realignment of Diamond Cosmos in 2011
(PDF), January 2012

12TH Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards® Talent Retreat Alan Bronstein — Color: The Rarest of All?
(PDF), December 2011

Alan Bronstein: The Subtleties of Pricing Colored Diamonds
(PDF) Alchemy, November 2011

Bling's the Thing: Investors Seek Shelter in Colored Diamonds
(PDF) Alchemy, October 2011

Alan Bronstein of Aurora Gems to Speak at Banquet (Bulletin of the New York Mineralogical Club)
(PDF), July/August 2011

Nostradamus and Diamonds: Predicting The Investments Of The Future
(PDF), January 2011

The Colors of Money

The Nature of Diamonds
(PDF) American Museum of Natural History

New York Mineralogical Club 125th Anniversary Dinner presents special guest lecturer Alan Bronstein
(PDF), September 2011

Aurora 'butterfly' flutters to San Diego museum
(PDF), May 2010

All That Glitters: The Splendor and Science of Gems and Minerals
(PDF)San Diego Museum of Natural History, May 2010

Natural Color Diamond Seminar Series
(PDF), April 2010

Re-inventing antiques: Is this an acceptable face of gem vandalism?
(PDF), March 2010

Evening With "The Blues"
(PDF) The Roskin Gem News, January 2010

A Magical Mystery Tour of Natural Color Diamonds
(PDF), December 2009

Colored Diamonds Continue to Defy Gravity
(PDF), December 2009

A New Fancy

Cut Above the Ordinary
(PDF) Air Emirates Portfolio

Fancy These - Inside the Diamond Color Rainbow
(PDF) Color Stone Magazine, July/August 2009

The State of the Diamond Industry: Observations from the Underground
(PDF), June 2009

GIA Lecture
(PDF), April 2009

Understanding, Collecting and Investing in Colored Diamonds
(PDF) HSBC Lecture, April 2009

Rare and colorful diamonds on display in London
(PDF) NYT, November 2008

Diamonds are forever
(PDF) University of Toronto, November 2008

Colored Diamonds 101
(PDF), November 2008

Diamond Butterfly on Display for a Week
(PDF) NYT, September 2008

Diamond Butterfly on Display for a Week
(PDF)NYT, September 2008

American Museum of Natural History shows an Exquisite Rainbow-Colored Diamond Creation
(PDF), September 2008

Vanity Fair
(PDF), August 2008

The Loupe
(PDF), Summer 2008

The Renaissance of Diamond Investing
(PDF), July 2008

Diamonds Attract Funds as Largest Gem Prices Surge 76% in Year
Bloomberg, July 2008

GIA to Exhibit the Aurora Diamond Butterfly
DIB Online, May 2008

(Multicolored) Diamonds Are a Girl's . . .
Newsweek, March 2008

Glittering Sensation
Forbes Life Magazine, March 2008

A Dazzling Palette
Worth Magazine, January/February 2008

Using phosphorescence as a fi ngerprint for the Hope and other blue diamonds
(PDF) Geology, January 2008

Fluorescence Spectra Of Colored Diamonds Using A Rapid, Mobile Spectrometer
(PDF)Gems and Geology , Winter 2007

Diamonds at the Museum
(PDF), 2007

Rainbow ice: Colored diamonds are the rarest of all
(PDF)Associated Press, December 2007

Natural History Museum Opens New London Gem Gallery
(PDF), November 29, 2007

Minerals bring new sparkle to museum
(PDF), November 28, 2007

Aurora Pyramid of Hope on Display at London's Natural History Museum
November 28, 2007

Alan Bronstein-WJA-GIA lecture Oct 2007
(PDF), October, 2007

Giant Bubblegum-Pink Sparkler Anchors Sotheby's Jewelry Auction, December 4, 2006

A Language to Describe Natural Color Diamonds

Aurora Butterfly Of Peace

Alan Bronstein to present Heart of the NCDIA at Brown Convention
(PDF), NCDIA News April, 2006

Diamonds: geology, gemmology, technology
(PDF),Geology Today, Winter, 2006

Diamonds: geology, gemmology, technology
(PDF),Robb Report, November, 2005

NRL Teams with Smithsonian Institution, Penn State University and Ocean Optics to Study Properties of the Hope Diamond
Naval Research Laboratory, August 2005

Diamonds? Brilliant
London's Jewish Cronicle, July 2005

Aurora Butterfly of Peace on Display at Smithsonian
Gems & Geology, The Quarterly Journal of GIA, March 2005

Argyle Tender Showcases 60 Pinks
PDF, Institute for Private Investors Advisor Update, November 2004

Colored-Diamond Expert is First NCDIA Speaker
PDF JCK, August 2004

NCDIA Expands - New members and more promotion tout natural and natural-color diamonds
PDF PJM, August 2004

A Gem Of An `I'm Sorry' Present - Bryant Gives Wife $4 Million Diamond
Los Angeles Times, July 2003

Bronstein to speak at NYIT
(PDF) JCK, October 2002

Diamonds are Full of Charm
(PDF) Katei Gahou, December 2000

Aurora of Diamonds Colors Alan Bronstein's World
(PDF) Yomiuri Shinbum, September 2000

Aurora Dazzle
(PDF), February 2000

Aurora borealis in a rock
Forbes, April 1999

Fire & Ice - Why colored diamonds are the hot rocks right now
(PDF)Departures, September 1998

Diamonds are Forever
(PDF) Newsweek November 3, 1997

Nature of Diamonds
(PDF) Newsweek November 1, 1997

New York Times - The Nature of Diamonds
(PDF) 1997

Highlights of the Coloured Diamond Sales at the New York Auctions
South Africa Diamond News Report, January 1996

Collecting Colored Diamonds
N.Y. Diamonds, Summer 1995

Fact and Fantasies of Fancies
N.Y. Diamonds, Summer 1994

A Game of Coloured Diamonds
Asia Precious, October 1994

AMNH Advertisment
(PDF) May 1990

Paris Vogue
(PDF) May 1990

Alan has also appeared in dozens of consumer and trade publications. Selection includes:

Centurion (the magazine for American Express Black Card holders)
Forbes Magazine
New York Times
Town & Country
Martha Stewart Living
Paris Vogue
Harper's Bazaar
The Daily Yomiuri
Katei Gaho
Art and Antiques Magazine
Black Tie International

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